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Wanda Realm Siping is located in the core business district of Siping City - Siping Wanda Plaza, adjacent to Ziqi Road, the main road of Siping City. The hotel has complete facilities and 261 rooms and suites with fashionable and elegant design. The room area ranges from 35 square meters to 206 square meters. It is also equipped with Jiahua executive lounge, lobby lounge, 'food collection' all day restaurant, 'harmony' Japanese restaurant, 'pinzhen' Chinese restaurant, indoor constant temperature swimming pool, fitness center and other facilities to provide all the conveniences for your business trip and leisure trip.
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FAQs when booking at Wanda Realm Siping
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Wanda Realm Siping?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Wanda Realm Siping.

  • Does Wanda Realm Siping have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Wanda Realm Siping have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Wanda Realm Siping offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Wanda Realm Siping accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Wanda Realm Siping accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Wanda Realm Siping?

    Each costs cny128 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Wanda Realm Siping?

    The room prices is from cny598, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • baiyun_n
    Overall OK, breakfast to be improved
  • fillnados
    The environment is average, but the service is very good, especially for Xiao Zhao at the front desk. The service is really good!
  • cxs2001jp
    I think this price is missing! During the outbreak
  • bettydunne
    It's very good. I checked it carefully during the epidemic. Breakfast was very attentive. The front desk service was very good. It's the first choice for Siping every week
  • lanerlea
    The environment is elegant and clean
  • a235451247
    The service attitude was very good.
  • e03306463
    This family is really good. The room is clean. Everything is quite complete. Friendly service. It has to be said that the door service is really good as soon as the doorman enters the room. Check in and check out are also fast. efficient. Breakfast was good. It's very rich. There are quite a variety of self-service. The little girl who answered the phone when ordering was very nice and friendly. It's very convenient around. Good location. It's very convenient to take a taxi. It's near the station. I'll come after I live here for the first time. Great. Fabulous. Fabulous. Say important things three times.
  • jeff@.@
    The accommodation conditions are all very good, but the breakfast is not so good, and the dishes are not fresh. It's not like I made it that morning. I have diarrhea all the time. I lived in a different place last year, and I will not order breakfast later
  • mercury77
    Okay, okay, okay
  • juliette1983
    Good environment, good sanitation, good facilities, good service, good breakfast, good location, high cost performance, good environment, good sanitation, good facilities, good service, good breakfast, good location, high cost performance, good praise
  • lmamg
    The room is spacious and comfortable
  • appleyanyan88
    Good hotel, Wanda standard service, new facilities, good service
  • baotou
    The hotel is very good. There is a service charge for dining in the restaurant. The hotel is very good. There is a service charge for dining in the restaurant. The hotel is very good. There is a service charge for dining in the restaurant. Good overall, the most upscale hotel in the area.
  • brain-sunny
    Very good environment
  • CjGuSSa
    The experience is very good, very comfortable, the service is very good, the brand hotel is good management?
  • grace3127wang
    Good, good, good
  • babu99
    Clean room, rich breakfast, high service quality, recommended stay
  • casumy2006
    The hotel is very good
  • amelieliu
    Yes, yes
  • e00132854
    The hotel has very good facilities, great swimming pool, free exercise, free parking tickets, good breakfast, good room, great service, friendly service, Wanda Plaza nearby for shopping, convenient check-out, and took the initiative to call a taxi for me, very close to the high-speed railway station, recommended
  • cjabc
    It's very convenient to visit friends. The hotel has complete facilities, big rooms, big bedding, high efficiency, swimming, shopping malls and shopping malls
  • ccsongying
    The room is very good, clean and spacious, the breakfast is also great, the bed is super comfortable, a good experience of check-in, the front desk service is particularly good
  • laujp
    The cleaning aunt felt that she didn't clean the bathrobe well every day. I stayed for eight days. I didn't change the bath towel. I didn't change the bath towel every day. I didn't need a vacuum cleaner to clean the room. I could just pick it up. Well, the only one who lived in Wanda for the first time was manager Zhu, who was super good, and a girl who didn't know her name at the front desk Just went to the front desk and wanted to talk to manager Zhu. I asked other managers directly if they were not there and didn't ask me what I was responsible for? Don't mention breakfast. Please look at the picture. If it's not because there are children, they won't come. Really, but there's a Fat Chef. I'm very good. I haven't changed my boss like this yet. Is that the CD? Let's not mention that the dishes don't come up in time. People eat in this room every day. Can't you guarantee the dishes
  • lxy12117
    Driving from Heilongjiang to Inner Mongolia and finishing in Siping, I'm generally satisfied with living in Jiahua. It's customary for me to live in Jiahua for dinner and watching movies
  • btong111
    Excellent service
  • metal
    The sound insulation effect is very good! The front desk service is friendly, the guest room is clean and tidy, the network of the room has been upgraded, the network signal is very good, the Internet is fast, and the parking is convenient. The cooling effect of air conditioner is good. It's the best home I've ever lived. The front desk service is warm and professional, the environment is comfortable, the room is big, the WiFi speed is fast, there is a parking space at the door, the facilities are complete, the house is well ventilated, the shower water and heat are very comfortable, the bed sheets and quilt covers are clean, the location is obvious, very quiet, no noise! The location is very good, the cost performance is super high, so cheap, so the room is really good!
  • jimxiajun
    Free parking is too short
  • same8597
    Good location, very convenient.
  • Datoupangyu
    The best hotel in Siping, I feel very good. The hotel should be the best hotel in Siping, with good room equipment and large area. It is located next to Wanda Square, convenient for shopping and consumption.
  • e01266433
    Good service attitude, breakfast can be a little more simple
  • isotype
    The hotel is the best in the area. The front desk is very friendly and the service is standard. It's very close to the east station. The hotel is clean and tidy, the room is very comfortable, the room is very high, not oppressive, the big bed is really big, soft and hard comfortable, and the feeling of staying in is very good. Next to the hotel is Wanda Square, which is convenient for eating and shopping.
  • e01161882
    Pretty good, good cost performance, good service.
  • CasparAnt
    10.1 it's very good to go home and stay in the hotel during the holiday, the service is also very friendly, the front desk efficiency is very high, the room temperature is also very good, the fruits are delivered in advance, the yogurt is sent in the evening to help sleep, the breakfast is not bad, the style is very many, the service is not bad, the dishes need to be mended quickly, in a word, I'm very satisfied to go home and stay here, recommended
  • E02035749
    The driver said that this is the best hotel in Siping. The little sister at the front desk is super warm and sweet. She answers questions and checks in super fast. Because she arrived at the front desk ahead of time, the little sister kindly let me check in early. The bed is super comfortable and sanitary. She didn't feel that the front desk customer service was not enthusiastic. The breakfast was also very good. She was generally very satisfied and felt that the price was reasonable. She was very close to Wanda for shopping It's very convenient to eat, drink and play, and there is no front desk with bad attitude, so you can rest assured to check in here. It's very quiet, so you can sleep very well. You will check in here when you arrive at Siping??
  • AI my little daughter
    The overall experience was very good, as was the front desk service
  • lily6167
    The hotel is very clean
  • mengyu88
    Not bad. The facilities are OK. It's a little noisy in the morning.
  • mei3669
    All very good, all very good
  • e04472706
    It's a very good five-star hotel. The hotel is located in the center of Siping. The transportation is very convenient and the cost performance is relatively high. The breakfast is also very good. The service attitude is very good
  • ao704
    The service is OK. The underground parking lot is full of water. It's still renovated in the middle of the night. The washing table in the room is stained with water. The toilet is dirty
  • jb1314
    All very good.
  • boydgu
    Siping is the best hotel. It's very comfortable. The lobby is very big. The breakfast is also very good. The room and the bathtub are too tired. It's really good to have a night's rest here. Every service staff is very enthusiastic. They check out very quickly. They will also offer car coupons and ask for their needs. They must give a compliment. They will stay in Wanda next time. Thank you for your warm service
  • awang615
    The hotel is clean and tidy, and the service is considerate! Intimate, will recommend to customers and friends
  • darwin689
    Very good, very clean!
  • angle52008
    The breakfast in the hotel is good. The location is also very good. There is less parking on the ground. Underground parking is free for eight hours and then three yuan an hour. This Wanda will be a little worse than other wandas. The bathroom is small and there is no bathtub.
  • suellen0903
    Good environmental service
  • yangsel
    The facilities are quite new, but the maintenance is not good! There is a small problem with the electrical equipment. The room is not well prepared. There are few things. It doesn't meet the consistent standard of Jiahua. I hope it can be improved.
  • coloramour
    Everything is good. It's just that the floor is too warm and the windows can only be opened a little. It's not good to go to the hot place in winter. It's convenient to take a taxi next to Wanda!
  • dina_927
    Every time I come to Siping for business trip, I stay here. The hotel service is good and the room is comfortable. This time the air conditioning and heating are too hot. It's good to have a humidifier or air purifier
  • baiyi
    The location of the hotel is very good
  • e01891590
    The hotel is good in all aspects. It should be the best hotel in this city. Only in such a city can we live in such a high-end hotel at this price. It's just that the hotel only includes breakfast, which is not very satisfactory. It should be very expensive to add a breakfast.
  • blu97
    Breakfast needs improvement
  • xiangma
    Mini stock
  • caoy519
    Good location, parking lot, convenient shopping, breakfast, fried eggs, good swimming pool, good room, spacious temperature, suitable room, bathroom, great bathtub facilities, luxury recommended
    The best hotel in Siping
  • sd6606286
    It's great. It's very comfortable
  • moyang
    Welcome. Good location. Very good service attitude
  • irislee1122
    The lobby is very clean, spacious and bright. It's very warm to stay in Wanda hotel in Siping a year ago. The staff are very warm every time. The waiter's attitude is very good. Every time they prepare the room in advance, they also arrange fruits. The room is clean and sanitary. The room is very large, with bathtub and breakfast. The taste is good and the facilities are perfect. Every time they check in, they are very happy
  • fyiou
    The best hotel in Siping has clean rooms, new facilities, many kinds of breakfast, good taste, friendly service and high cost performance. After checking out, I also helped to call a car and felt comfortable. I will stay here next time I am on a business trip
  • dengjun86
    Great hotel, near Siping botanical garden, beautiful environment!
  • brucewan
    I'm very happy to see such a good hotel in my hometown. The hotel environment is very good. The facilities are very complete. Swimming and fitness are very good. There are western food, afternoon tea, and Chinese food for the family in the evening. It's very good. Next to the shopping mall, shopping and shopping are very convenient. It's also very convenient to go out and take a taxi. There's convenient transportation at the door. Room health is very good. The service of the female duty manager is very warm It's very considerate to have yogurt in the room. I'll definitely recommend it to this hotel later
  • narci
    It's good. It's good. I'll stay here next time
  • gy4287
    Good environment!!!
  • aromalife
    At the end of September, the room was decorated
  • sasa_vivi
    The room is nice and the bed is big. The only bad thing is that breakfast is not included
  • TA-Feng Huo
    It's a good check-in. The front desk is also very helpful. It's well received by all five stars
  • alisa730
    The hotel is very good. If the air quality around is better, it will be more perfect
  • e00128596
    First class environment, did not pay attention to the other side of Wanda Square, in the morning to start